Aria has been governed by Inersia, goddess of light, and Zerdantis, god of darkness.
As their powers were in balance, the world was in peace.

However, Zerdantis broke the promise and decided to open the dimension door to summon
evil creatures and spirits into Aria. Zerdantis takes a step further and plans to kill goddess
Inersia. He summoned creatures from hell such as Kerberos to attack the goddess temple.

Being outnumbered, goddess Inersia creates an Ark Sign that contains all of her power
and summons two heroes from the dimension door that the devil created. However, since
she used up all of her powers in creating the Ark Sign and summoning two Heroes,
she dissipates away into the thin air. However, her death has paid off by successfully
sealing off the devil with the cost of the Ark Sign.

As the memory of the devil faded away, Aria
separated into Kingdom Superta,
Magic Kingdom Metadipos, Mine Kingdom
Voncano and Trading Kingdom Gatia.
Superta, the protector of Aria, had two heirs
competing for the throne.

The first heir, Izen was a talented young
knight who purified darkened Superta from
devil’s power and creature.
The second heir, Liberto was a member
of Superta’s noble family.

Soon, Liberto came to realize that he
could not overcome the fame and support
from the citizens and the congress that is
pointed only toward Izen. As of result,
he decides to take the throne with power.

That is when Liberto started to work with banned magic and sealed Zerdantis’ powers…
Strange things started to happen in Superta. Domesticated animals started to attack
humans and unprecedented monsters started to attack human towns. As of result, the
Superta Congress decided to give the throne to Izen or Liberto depending on whomever
destroys the monster first. Soon, two heirs organized their armies and went on a journey
to destroy the monsters.

While Liberto’s army started to head north, they decided to change their route and
attack the Temple of Goddess. After conquering the temple,
Liberto finds the Ark Sign in the temple…

As soon as the news about how Liberto
obtained the Ark Sign to awaken the devil
spread through out the continent, people
started to panic. Great Oracle Yui decided
to create a magic field to summon heroes
from other dimensions to fight against the
devil and Liberto after receiving messages
from the god.

However, instability of the shattered Ark Sign
consumes Great Oracle Yui as soon as the
magic field was activated.

Year 2016 Seoul, Korea
Players of Camon Hero, an online game
that has been operating along side with its
offline theme park, goes through a strange
The offline theme park evaporated into a thin
air and a strange female NPC was created
within the online game.
This NPC calls herself Yui and started to ask
the users to save her world. At first, the users
thought that she was a system glitch.

However, the worked spread quickly within the user community and people started to form
guilds and parties to save Aria.

Connect to Camon Hero in order to save Yui and Aria!