Hero or Camon Hero are players who summons card monsters
in the game. In order for the players to freely use various items
and learn different skills, Camon Hero supports Free class system.
Therefore, players may use physical attacks, magic attacks and
combination of physical/magic attacks during hunting, PVP and RvR.
The free class system allows the user to choose from
fighter/magician/conjurer and other classes depending on the character stats.
Also, when the player has mercenary cards, they may summon mercenaries during the battle
regardless of their class.

The battle type is determined by which mercenaries are summoned into the battle field to
support the hero. The mercenaries are classified into the Tanker type with strong HP and
defense points, the Dealer type with strong damage points but weak HP and defense points,
the Healer type with healing abilities and the mez type with confuse abilities.
Since mercenaries have different attack, defense and skill types, it is important to adequate
mercenaries for your battles.
Monsters that you kill during hunting may be registered as mercenary cards.
Those monsters may be summoned during the battle as your mercenaries.

NPCs in Camon Hero are citizens of Aria. They have their own jobs and look differently
based on their environment.

Wearable items
Weapon sales, defense equipment sales, accessory sales
Card items
Magic skill card sales, fighter skill card sales, mercenary card sales
Combination items
Equipment combination sales, card combination sales
Material items
Equipment material sales, card material sales
Storage management, zone transportation management, guild management, card booster sales

* NPC distribution for each map may be seen after opening the map function and clicking on each map fields.