NO. Title Summary
1 Character information window Displays hero’s level, HP, MP, supply and mezo status.
2 Target information window Displays clicked target’s level, name, HP and value.
3 Mini Map Displays the current channel and location. + and – buttons may be used to
magnify and reduce the map. M key may be used to move to the overall map.
4 Quest notice Displays the current quest list and process status.
5 Joker gauge Displays the joker experience gaugethat the user obtains during
monster hunting.
6 Mercenary control Buttons that allow the user to control summoned mercenaries.
Auto : automatic attacks made by mercenaries against targets within their vision.
Manual : mercenaries only attack the targets that the user designates.
7 Mercenary remote control This button is to control the actions of mercenaries.
W : This attack is a targeted attack hero.
A : To specify the target for the hero attack.
S : Returns back to the hero to stop attacks.
D : Summoned the mercenaries are disabled.
8 Skill card slot Skill cards may be allocated to quick slots for quick uses during the battle.
9 Menu window Displays commonly used function buttons such as character information
window and inventory window.
10 Mercenary card window Mercenary cards may be allocated to quick slots to summon them
into the battle fields.
11 Chatting window Chatting within the game are displayed.


Key Summary Key Summary
control key
W Attack designated hero TAB Select nearest enemy
A Attack designated mercenary F1-F10 Use mercenary card
S Gather mercenaries around a hero 1-10 Use skill card
D Cancel mercenary summon + Modify skill quick slot number
~ Select nearest ally
control key
C Character information window M Overall map
I Inventory window F12 Help
Q Quest window O Option window
G Community window ESC Close menu window
B Disassembly window ENTER Input chatting
control key
P Party window on/off Z Translucent mercenary upon first input
Back to normal upon second input
N Mini map on/off X Manual mercenary AI upon first input
Automatic mercenary AI upon
second input
CTRL Display mercenary HP and
summon gauge
SPACE Pick up items
ALT Display surrounding monster names